Hypnotherapy - Hobart
Virtual Lap Banding hypnosis
Noeline Robinson

I am totally passionate about the absolute power of the mind in overcoming difficulties by hypnotherapy, and achieving positive outcomes for people through hypnosis in Hobart and Tasmania.

I specialise in helping people in Hobart to Stop Smoking through hynosis, and also Weight Loss.

Virtual Lap Banding through hypnosis is an effective, affordable, and safe procedure that is a natural alternative to surgical control.

My curiosity and thirst for knowledge about hynotherapy and intense interest in improving the human condition through hypnosis has led me to qualify in many associated areas such as NLP, Meditation, Cancer Well-being Programme with Ian Gawler.

I am ¬†Certified as a Level 1V Workplace Trainer and Assessor as well as a Certified Mediator. ¬†I am also registered to deliver the Sheila Granger’s Virtual Lap-Banding Program.
I am currently studying with the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Institute in Strategic Intervention, Relationship and Human Needs Psychology.

I bring to my work an open heart and compassion for the human condition through hypnotherapy to clients.
Power of the mind   Australian Hypnotherapy Association

Results may vary from person to person